GAN 562 5×5 Magnetic Ball-Core (Standard)

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GAN 562 5×5 Magnetic Ball-Core (Standard) adopts technology previously found exclusively in GAN 2×2 and 3×3, making this a top choice for speedcubers.

Ball-Core features

  • Magnetic core corner/core magnets for a better, more controllable turning feel
    • This is very important for big cubes with more layers
  • ~45-degree auto-alignment

Key features

  • 96 factory-installed magnets
  • 16 factory-installed core magnets
  • Widened outer layer for improved stability
  • Honeycomb piece design for better lubricant distribution


  • Corner-cutting
    • Outer layers: ~40-degrees
    • Inner layers: ~20-degrees
  • Strong outer layer magnets paired with light inner layer magnets to improve control.
  • Locking magnet capsules to prevent magnets from coming loose
  • Double-layer structure for a more stable mechanism
  • Deep center caps to prevent them from falling out

Accessories included

  • Storage bag ($3 value)
  • Storage box (version 13)
  • Adjustment tool
  • Tutorial guide


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GAN 562 5×5 Magnetic Ball-Core (Standard)
Original price was: ₹5,499.00.Current price is: ₹5,099.00.

Availability: In stock