MoYu Super RS3 M 2022 3×3 Magnetic

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MoYu Super RS3 M 3×3 Magnetic is the long-awaited 2022 update to our best-seller, the MoYu RS3M 2020 3×3 Magnetic and it is on track to be just as, if not more, popular!

Version comparison

Magnetic MagLev Ball-Core
MagLev Yes Yes
Magnetic core Yes
Total magnets 48 60 76
Auto alignment 35 degrees
Dual-adjustment 9 settings 9 settings 9 settings
Size 56mm 56mm 56mm
Weight 78g 84g 86g


Key features

  • 35-degree auto-alignment (Ball-Core version)
  • “MagLev” Magnetic repulsion technology (MagLev & Ball-Core versions)
  • No springs required (MagLev & Ball-Core versions)
  • Dual-adjustment system (9 settings)
  • Glossy exterior finish
  • “Dragon scale” piece design for smoother turning


  • Customizable feel
  • Light, easy turning feel
  • Snappy corner-cutting

Accessories included

  • Dual-adjustment tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Display box
  • Spare dual-adjustment piece
MoYu Super RS3M 2022

Magnetic, Maglev, Maglev Ball Core

1 review for MoYu Super RS3 M 2022 3×3 Magnetic

  1. Aadhesh

    great cube, but after using some time it needs setup.. prolly weight 3 on core and weight 2 on edges and corners

    • cubixrub

      Hello Aadhesh,
      Thanks for writing to Cubix Rube.
      Mostly all the Puzzle requires Lubricant and we’ll always recommend every cubers to use lubricant for the cubes to avoid white powder formation inside the cubes.

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