MoYu RS3 M v5 3×3


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MoYu RS3 M V5 3×3 Magnetic (Standard) is the successor to the legendary RS3 M 2020 that took the cubing community by storm!

Version comparison

Standard Dual-Adjustment MagLev Ball-Core
Auto-alignment 2.0
Magnetic core Yes
MagLev Yes Yes Yes
Dual-adjustment Spring MagLev MagLev
Total magnets 48 48 48 56
Exterior finish Frosted Frosted Frosted UV Coated
Internal plastic color Primary Primary Purple Teal
Size 55.5mm 55.5mm 55.5mm 55.5mm
Weight 65 67 71 75


Standard features

  • Classic screw/spring design.

Key features

  • Circular core design for increased stability
  • Micro strong magnets
  • Anti-pop mechanism
  • “Dragon scale” piece design for smoother turning
  • Lightweight design


  • 55-degree corner-cutting
  • 35-degree reverse corner-cutting

Accessories included

  • Adjustment tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Display stand
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
MoYu RS3M v5

MoYu RS3 M v5 3×3 Magnetic, MoYu RS3 M v5 3×3 (Ball Core UV + Robot Cube Stand), MoYu RS3 M v5 3×3 (MagLev + Robot Cube Stand)


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