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The MagLev system, which was first seen at the end of 2021, has exploded in popularity, this version has purple internals as it replaces the traditional spring mechanism, which means that it completely rids the cube of unnecessary tension and noise, which has always been an issue with springs. This makes the cube turn smoothly without any sort of annoying tension. The already great MoYu WeiLong Pyraminx is combined with MagLev, one of the best pyraminx cubes we’ve seen so far on the market.

The standard version however comes with primary internals, Dual-adjustment core, 8 spring compression settings, 5 magnet strength settings with Light & fast turning. It has a very prominent adjustable magnetic feel featuring an upgraded version of the traditional corner/center magnet system. The cube is easy to hold, and the magnets make it incredibly easy to get the pieces to click into place.

Both versions comes with:

  • MoYu WeiLong Magnetic Pyraminx
  • Magnet adjustment tools
  • Compression adjustment tool
  • Screwdriver
  • MoYu pamphlet

This puzzle is 98mm in length and weighs 125g (MagLev) and 116g (Standard Magnetic).


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