MoYu Weilong WR M 3×3 Maglev

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The all-new MoYu Weilong 2021 Magnetic speed cube with MagLev technology and Purple internals brings the in-demand MAGLEV technology to the recently released MoYu Weilong WRM 2021 Edition.

The WeiLong WR M MagLev 3×3 features purple internals, magnetic adjustment, tension and compression adjustment, and a maglev repulsion system in place of traditional springs. Of course, the magnets do add around an additional 5 grams of weight to the cube – so this cube is slightly heavier than the previous model.

Maglev technology utilizes opposing magnets (magnetic levitation) to replicate spring force, this reduces friction and completely eliminates spring noise. MagLev Core springs are replaced with two magnets on each side; this increases turning speed and the layers glide more easily.

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1 review for MoYu Weilong WR M 3×3 Maglev

  1. Faris

    Amazing cube just you need to tension it correctly and need a lot of lube to slow it down

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